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Conditions of sale

  1. In the capacity of SELLER, PLASTIC STRATOSFERA srl agrees to supply goods that comply strictly with the specifications on order confirmations. An order confirmation is considered to have been accepted by the client in the capacity of BUYER, if it is not challenged within 24 hours of receipt. Any fault or discrepancy identified by the BUYER in the order confirmation must be notified promptly to the SELLER. Any notification received at a later date will not be acknowledged, and the BUYER will receive the goods as specified on the order confirmation.
  2. Prices are as indicated on the order confirmation and cannot be altered except in cases of force majeure.
  3. Paper and board are supplied loaded onto wooden pallets cut to the same size as the goods ordered. These are normally manufactured non-stop to a total depth not greater than 120cm. Any requests for pallets outside the standard size must be made at the time or ordering.
  4. Where it is not possible to deliver an entire order, the SELLER agrees to process as much of the order as possible and is free from any obligation to deliver the outstanding goods.
  5. Payments must be made by the method indicated on the order confirmation; failure to do so authorises the SELLER to suspend deliveries immediately.
  6. Every pallet delivery comes with two labels affixed containing all details pertaining to the goods supplied: item supplied, type of goods, weight in kilogrammes and number of sheets, pallet ID, etc. These labels must be kept in case of complaint.
  7. Goods are transported at the risk and expense of the buyer, and are sent pre-paid.
  8. Delivery times are indicative and effective except in cases of force majeure.
  9. Goods are sold gross weight for net. The quantity of goods indicated on the order confirmation may be subject to variation of +/- 5% unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Any discrepancy in terms of the quantity, quality or type of goods must be notified within 7 days of receipt. The BUYER is required to leave any non-compliant goods untouched at the disposal of the SELLER, who will arrange for the goods to be replaced unless the parties agree otherwise. Complaints about goods with hidden defects will be accepted within 1 month from the date of receipt. When defects are detected the seller will suspend processing of the goods immediately to prevent any further impairment, unless the parties agree otherwise.
  11. The court of Lecco will have jurisdiction for any disputes.